iDiscover Initiatives

funded by Pro Fair Trade SA:

Pre-financing of crops for farmers

Certifications RSPO IP

TFT advice and rurality for farmer communities (topics: stability, alternatives, environmental, resilience)

Establishment of local nurseries and licensing for local crops

Software use free for the entire supply chain

Training and support of data collection with cooperatives and farmer groups

Data acquisition with the Cooperatives and Farmers, including identification and mapping of the plantations as well as impact studies

On-site project management of development projects

Pre-financing of raw material purchasing for the export partners

Certification of exporters

Investments in production plants with exporters

Local IMPACT Projects in the municipality

Offers its own LIVE traceability platform for complete transparency and verification with iDiscover©.

Palm oil: MRICOP Cambodia

RSPO Identity Preserved (IP)

Organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides Introduction

Financing: Construction of school, hospitals, temples.


Palm oil: SIPEF-CI Ivory Coast

Rurality “Farmer Resilience” program with TFT and Nestlé

Desmet 3 – Joint Venture Refinery.


Coconut: HMA / PMI Ivory Coast – iDS-FT (IP)

Organizing in cooperatives and farmer groups

Regularization of the market, mapping and farmer training with TFT.


HO sunflower – iDS-FT QFP, Tanzania and MAEVA, Mozambique

Introduction of hybrid seeds

Seed certification

Local hybrid seed nurseries structure

Harvesting and loss of earnings insurance for small farmers with support from the World Bank and the Syngenta Foundation.

Business Linkage Software “iDiscover” for the entire supply chain from farming to final customers.